Monday, December 21, 2009

Liam and Auntie Jen get super high in the park

Hi, guys! Guest blogger Auntie Jen here, making her premiere entry about her on-going quest to corrupt The World’s Cutest Nephew. I’ve already introduced him to both Fritos and Oreos, but I’ve outdone myself this time. Yep, Auntie Jen took Liam to the park and got him high. Not just high, but super high!

Heather called me Saturday morning – they were on their way down to my neck of the woods so Heather could get her hair done. She asked if I wanted to come meet them for coffee and then play time at the park. Well, caffeine and Boo are two of my favorite things, so off I went! I met them at Twiggs, shared a croissant and biscuit, and then headed to the park with Rey and Liam as Heather went off to the salon. It was ridiculously beautiful out on Saturday, sunny and in the high 70’s. Perfect day for the park!

Trolley Barn Park has a playground and a big grassy area for dogs, so our first stop was to watch the puppies run and play. From there, we were off to climb up the slide towers. Then we climbed back down the slide towers. And climbed back up, and then climbed back down again. Liam loves the climbing part, but he’s not super fond of actually riding on slides. He’s not scared of them, but he REALLY hates getting staticky (and it was one of those low humidity Santa Ana days). The only way he’d slide down was on my lap, so then I was the one who ended up looking like I’d just stuck my finger in the light socket. (Smart kid, eh?)

Next up was the rope ladders! Boo was super excited about climbing pirate-style. As I was helping him up, he busted out a big grin and said “I’m a big boy climbing the ladders! I’m super strong – I’m wearing pull-ups!”

Our final stop was at the swings. Swings are Auntie Jen’s favorite!!!!! Boo went in the little-guy swing (the bucket type seat), and I started pushing him. After a few minutes, Rey came over and took over pushing duties, so I got to climb into the big-girl swing as Boo’s neighbor. I started swinging next to Liam, and he started yelling to Rey that he wanted to go high, high like Auntie Jen. Rey pushed him a little harder, and Liam shouted out “I’m high! I’m super high with Auntie Jen!” Yes indeed, little Boo! You got to be super high with Auntie Jen, and a good time was had by all!

Makes me wonder why H&R don’t let me babysit more often……