Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bugs & Roses

Ladybugs are out in numbers at the park near Lola's house. In between flinging a frisbee and taking batting practice, Liam has been looking through the weedy, er, wildflowery field for ladybugs. He named one lucky creature "Doozablab." Its mates are "Dowsabel" and "Cholmondely." I wonder where he gets it.

Liam often waters the flowers in Lola's front yard. He is quite familiar with a bush featuring light red roses. Last summer he watched two locusts grow to adulthood on its branches. Last fall, armed only with a spray bottle filled with water, he constantly battled aphids laying siege to the ancient plant. (Lolo planted it in the 70s.) Yesterday, as he was about to water the roses, he exclaimed in surprised, "There are yellow flowers on the roses!" Several yellow irises had bloomed behind the rose bush and their tips were visible over the upper branches.

Submitted by Ninang