Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of Kindergarten

Our little kid is growing up.  Today is his first day of kindergarten.  Heather took Liam out yesterday for a special lunch since, as she put it, she won't be having (weekday) lunches with Liam anymore.  >>Sniffle<<  They had a nice surprise during their lunch.  Miss Susan, who used to have Story Time at Borders before it closed and is starting up Story Time at Barnes and Noble soon, joined them for lunch.  She's know Liam since he was only a few months old.  She's taking her eldest daughter, Kendall, to her first year in college, all the way over in Boston.

Liam has four classmates from preschool last year in his kindergarten class (and one teammate from T-Ball) so he'll have some familiar faces, as well as many new ones.  There are 28 kids total in his class and there are four kindergarten classes total.  Lots of kids but he's the only Liam in the list.  According to Baby Center, it's the most popular name among parents for boys in 2012 so far.

I hope he has a fun year.  Damn, our little kid is growing up.