Monday, September 7, 2009

What Liam's saying

"Mommy said it!"

"Hey, wait for me!"

"I wanna look at my brown eyes."

"I'm an actor baby." (After Mommy accused Liam of acting like a baby)

"Mama, hold my hand."

"Mama, hold my baby." (which means "Mama, hold me.")

"Stop, Daddy!" followed by "More?" followed by "Daddy say, 'Mmmm, no!'" (after eating the baby belly)

"Oreos" (he sometimes calls Rubio's by this name)

"Dad, see my cheese" (after which Liam opens his mouth to show you his cheese)

"Get off the phone and drive!" (not quite what Mommy said in its entirety, but somehow, I lucked out & this is the only part he says)


"I want that," or "I want that thing," when he can't remember the name of something.


  1. "I'm an actor baby." Hahaha!

    Hmm, what exactly did Mommy say about being on the phone and driving...? I'm guessing it's similar to something that occasionally comes out of my mouth. ;)

  2. We are so lucky that he hasn't picked up any bad words yet! I just need to keep making sure that he doesn't get any from his sweet-as-pie Auntie Jen :-)

    I want to hold his baby. I'll even take him to Oreo's for a quesadilla. I'm cool like that. Oh, and stylie, too.