Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"I got a googol!"

Liam is really into counting lately. He's counting up to one hundred and also doing some addition and subtraction. He even noticed that 6+1, 5+2, and 4+3 were the same thing yesterday. He's also asking us what the biggest number is. It's hard to explain that there is no biggest number but we did tell him about really big numbers.

Heather sent me this message yesterday:

Heather: Liam & Jonah are playing catch. Jonah just awarded himself a trillion points. Liam trumped him by giving himself a googol. Go, math boy!

Me: Liam remembered the term? Impressive!

Heather: And he remembered that it's bigger that it's bigger than a billion or a trillion.

Me: Smart boy


  1. Now see, that's the number I was going to say! I guess Liam's smarter than me, too! But we already knew that...

  2. What a coincidence! That's how much I love him - a bajillion googols!