Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"I'm a naked baby raccoon!"

Today, Liam has been calling himself "baby raccoon," courtesy of this morning's Wonder Pets episode, in which -- you guessed it! -- the Wonder Pets save the raccoon! Just now, as he was running around whacking things with his brush/lightsaber, he informed me that he was, indeed, a naked baby raccoon. And I thought they were scary enough already... now they're carrying weapons!

We went to see "Earth" today after story time. It was a fantastic, beautiful movie. Fortunately, Liam didn't seem to understand what was going on in the predator-prey scenes. He was quite unfazed by the cheetah taking down the baby gazelle, for example. I had been trying to get him to look away from the screen when it became obvious that the gazelle wasn't going to escape, but then he explained to me that "they're both dancing." He especially liked the bit where the baby ducks jump out of their tree in their first attempt at flight, and the scenes with the baby polar bears sliding around in the snow.

This was Liam's first time in a theater (since becoming sentient and mobile, anyway), and he did pretty well. There were only about a dozen people in the theater, so his constant play-by-play commentary didn't really bother anyone -- none of them sat down too close to us! We ate popcorn, and he sat on my lap. We didn't make it all the way through the movie, but I think we only missed about the last 10 minutes. Then we came home & took a lovely two hour nap.

Time to go get the baby raccoon settled down for bed. Hope he hasn't figured out yet that they're nocturnal!


  1. And I certainly hope that he doesn't exhibit the raccoon's predilection for getting into anything and everything! Sounds like you had fun at the movie, and I'm glad Liam was so mellow. I'll send you a picture of a raccoon on our deck, and you can tell him that Aunt Beth and Uncle Ken live with baby raccoons! :)

  2. The picture will leave out the little presents they leave us around the corner of the deck. They seem like such small, cute animals....