Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Story Time triangle

Liam and I were the first people at Borders for storytime yesterday, but one of his girlfriends arrived shortly thereafter--Katrina, a 3 year old blonde. She immediately grabbed his hand and started running around in circles with him. When Miss Susan turned on the music, they danced together, holding hands in a ring-around-the-Rosie style. They kept this up for probably 10 minutes, running, shrieking and dancing together.

Then he arrived.

Andrew, Liam's rival for Katrina's attentions, walked up to them, grabbed Katrina's hand and pulled her away. Liam stood there staring after them for a second or two, then went up and wrapped his arm around Katrina's waist. Andrew is a 3 1/2 foot tall 4 year old, so when he gave Katrina a tug, she came along with him, trailing Liam along behind. Fortunately, the stories began at this point, and Katrina sat down, with her miniature suitors sitting to either side, each holding a hand.

During the dances, in a move I am attributing to his desire to show off his popularity with the little ladies, Liam sought out another girl to dance with. Unfortunately for him, Mina's a bit afraid of him -- or maybe she's just onto him, and didn't want to be a part of his plot to make Katrina jealous. She didn't want to dance with him, and she really didn't want to be hugged. Every time he tried, she gave him a shove. And every time she shoved him, her mom told her to be nice and hug the baby. Hmm, maybe Liam went after Mina because he knows her mom's in his fan club!

Once the bubbles started, Liam came up with another strategy to get the girls to pay attention to him: running after Miss Susan with his t-shirt pulled up, showing off his, uh, abs. No, not really... he just wanted bubbles on the belly. But in the context of the morning, it was pretty funny!

All in all, one of his more memorable story times!


  1. This is a fantastic idea, Heather! I get to hear fun stories about Liam almost firsthand! I'll look forward to it...any plans to put pictures up?

    And as for Andrew...he'll learn that brute force doesn't work with the ladies. Liam's charm and wit will win Katrina's heart. :)

    Love, Beth

  2. Sorry it took so long. We've been meaning to start a Liam blog for about 2 years.

    Yes, there will be pictures. Mommy spent some time last night looking for pictures of Katrina, which we would've posted had we found any.