Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the way to the Del Mar Fair

On the way to the Del Mar Fair, we heard Liam saying "I can't reach my man bag!" Liam has been borrowing one of Mommy's old purses, a small Liam-sized green purse. It was on the back seat of the car and Liam eventually got his hands on it.

Liam had a lot of fun seeing the animals. We saw cows, goats, rabbits, pigs... He sang "Old MacDonald's Farm" as we walked through the barns. He enjoyed feeding the goats and one of the cows, which he did one pellet at a time.

We brought Liam's backpack with the leash and he loved running ahead of us. Once in a while he'd notice the leash and try to pull it away from me.

Liam's first ride at the Fair ever was a whale ride with Mommy. It was made even better by a bubble machine that they rode by on each rotation. He wanted Mommy to start it again when it was over.

Liam also rode the Jumbo elephant ride with Daddy. He was excited every time the ride went up high.

Liam wanted to ride the bumper cars and some other rides that he was just too small for. He even picked out the orange car for himself. We told him he'd be big enough next year and he was okay with that.

So what did we eat? Liam had a hamburger and fries. Mommy had a chicken kabob and grilled corn. Daddy had a Philly cheesesteak. We also had deep-fried Oreos and funnel cake. We didn't have any trouble at all getting Liam to try any of the desserts!

Liam thought the Fair was like the Zoo and Disneyland combined. A pretty good description!


  1. He even calls it a man bag?! Haha! :D Too cute! Sounds like he loves the rides--I think you're going to have a rollercoaster lover on your hands. Cool! Love you guys!

  2. Animals, rides, and food - what an awesome day :o)

  3. Liam has a Man Bag! I cannot tell you how adorable that is :-)

    I wanna come next year and help him feed the moo cows!

  4. What a day! The fair is a whole new world to Liam.

  5. I bet his parents were dragging!