Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thanks for NOT doing that on my birthday...

Liam woke up a little while ago, and as I usually do, I leaned over to kiss him good morning & ask how he was feeling. Got my answer when he projectile-vomited right up into my face! (Subtlety has never been one of Liam's strong suits.) Not the greatest way to start the day, let me tell you.

He seems fine now, no fever, and he's out eating breakfast with Daddy. Fortunately, he asked for "toast bread" for breakfast, so we didn't have to fight him about not getting a yogurt or something like that this morning.

On the plus side, today is almost bound to get better, right?


  1. Argh. "Projectile vomiting" is a fun phrase, always good for a laugh at soirées and in social situations, but the fun stops when you're doing the projectile vomiting, or it is being done to you. I'm glad he's feeling better, and I'm glad your birthday was free of PV! ;) Love ya!

  2. Oh, Poor Boo! And Poor Sissy! I'm glad it seems to have passed :-(