Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Children's book fair

Saturday was the annual children's book fair, sponsored by the county library system. We took Liam, along with Rey's sisters Reynalyn & Roxanne. Liam had a great time!

We met one of his favorite authors, Antoinette Portis. She was reading from her new book, "A Penguin Story." When she finished up, she whipped out one of those giant pads of paper and showed us how to draw a penguin. I asked if she'd show us how to draw a bunny, too. She did, and then she signed the drawing and gave it to Liam. Then, best of all, she read "Not a Box" to us. Liam was ecstatic--his smile could have lit up an entire city. (The video is too big to upload here; I'll try to put it on You Tube or something) We got her to sign our copy of "Not a Box" and bought an autographed copy of "A Penguin Story," too.

The rest of the book fair was good, too. Lots of local bookstores had booths, and there were other authors reading & signing stuff. There was also meat on a stick, so we had a good lunch! And we got a balloon, so all in all, it was a pretty good day.


  1. How cool, and I can picture the megawatt smile :o). I am sure Beth will weigh in on the Penquin part.

  2. I will, I will! A signed penguin drawing? I'm quite jealous of Liam. :) It sounds like a great day, and I'm glad you all had such a fun--and literary--day!

    Ken and I are cracking up right now, because we've got a young raccoon that keeps coming up on the deck and hangs onto the railing, looking in at us like, "Hi guys!"

    XO Beth