Sunday, May 24, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

We went to the Padres - Cubs game today with Uncle Ryan & Aunt Judy. Cubbies got clobbered; lost the entire series, in fact. Liam has a new phrase, though: "go, Padres!" He liked the Cubs logo on my jersey, but he wanted nothing to do with saying "go, Cubbies!" Where are the little red Cs floating around in his bloodstream, I ask you???

Maybe with this generation we'll break the cycle of abuse!

Sundays are kids' days at Petco Park. The giveaway today was a Padres batting helmet, and every Sunday after the game, kids can go onto the field to run the bases. We were planning on doing that with Liam - cool! - but since the Cubs games here sell out, the line was insanely long. Maybe next year we'll take him to a game against some team nobody wants to see, like Milwaukee or the Washington Senators!

Also, we're pretty sure that the kids have to go onto the field by themselves, without parental help. Liam's very brave, but that's just too much for him. However, they have a mini-diamond in the "Park at the Park," which Liam ran with some help from Daddy. Here's a link to the video of their run.


  1. Oh my God, too cute! I was cracking up when he kept running off of the first base line and heading towards the pitcher's mound. Hahaha! I also loved the "cycle of abuse" line...too true. How many generations of Cubs fans will continue to be beaten down year after year, experiencing the joy of a great team, only to see them ultimately goes down in flames? It's tragic, I tell you. Maybe we should start a telethon. :)

  2. I think he wants to be a pitcher :o)