Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sears Tower glass-bottom Skydeck

Who wants to walk on the "Sears Tower" glass bottom Skydeck?  We probably won't the next time we're in Chicago (Mommy hates the idea but says Daddy needs to get additional life insurance first if he's dumb enough to walk out there).


  1. I would totally do that, and hope to do it at the Grand Canyon, too. As long as it's completely enclosed, I would be okay with it. I'm sure it would be an odd, vertiginous feeling, but I figure that even if I fell down, I wouldn't be falling...DOWN. :)

  2. I will most likely try it some day, but not a huge fan of heights.

  3. I think it looks cool! Let's go!

    PS: The one at the Grand Canyon is SUPER FAR AWAY from all the toher Grand Canyon stuff. Most of the Grand Canyon access is at the South Rim, and the walkway is at the North Rim on an Indian reservation. It's about a four hour drive to get to one from the other. The Grand Canyon is over 200 miles long! Crazy, huh? That's why we didn't go to it -- once you finally get there, you don' want to spend another four hours in a car :-)