Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

After our successful fireworks test at Sea World last week, we went to the local high school to watch Rancho Bernardo's annual display. Because we were concerned about parking, we got there an hour early. Turns out the parking was a piece of cake, so we had a fair amount of time on our hands to kill before sunset. We were concerned about what we'd do to keep Liam entertained & out of trouble around so many people.

Turns out, we shouldn't have worried, because as with most crowds, this one was about 50%... girls.

Yep, Liam found himself some new girlfriends. Three, to be exact. Not far from our blanket was a blanket with three very giggly ten year old girls on it. Liam walked over and sat right down with them, much to their delight! They spent the next 40 minutes tickling, playing catch, and generally enjoying themselves with their new "little brother." They asked us to let him stay during the fireworks, too, but Mama's selfish & wanted her baby back for that.

We all enjoyed the fireworks display. Liam's favorite were the smiley face fireworks, followed by anything purple. He wasn't at all freaked out by the noise, and it was a lot louder than at Sea World, where they were much farther away.

The fireworks ended at about 9:20, and here's how good our parking place was: we were home by 9:35! Wow!

Oh, and Liam's new girlfriends? One of them chased us down as we were leaving so that she could give Liam the toy they'd been playing with together. Another notch in his crib post...

Here's a link to some photos: Watching fireworks at Rancho Bernardo Middle/High School


  1. That was sweet of the girl to share the toy. Shows that there is hope :o)

  2. Aww, that WAS sweet. What a charmer he is!

  3. Best be keep him away from those older women. They may have corrupting ideas that we aren't expecting!