Monday, July 27, 2009

It's a Wiggly party!

Last Thursday, Liam and Mommy went downtown to see The Wiggles in concert. If you are not familiar with The Wiggles, you can check out their website, or view one of their videos on You Tube. They are a very big deal with the under-five set. They started out as just musicians, but now have a TV show & videos, and according to their website, they've opened their own amusement park on Australia's Gold Coast. It also says that according to Business Review Weekly, they were the highest grossing entertainment act in Australia for the past 3 years. Did I mention that toddlers really like these guys???

Since we were going to be walking around downtown, and since there were going to be hundreds of other children at the concert, I enlisted some help. Miss Susan (of storytime fame) had mentioned that her youngest daughter, Delaney, although 12 years old, still wanted to go see the concert. I thought "Aha! I can get my little helper, and spare her mom yet another Wiggles concert!" So that's what we did.

Incidentally, Liam behaves better for Delaney than he does for me. He got straight into his car seat, for example, and started putting his arms through the seat belts in a shameless move to impress her! It was very funny. And very convenient!

The concert was a lot of fun. The music was all very upbeat, and the audience knew all of the songs and were encouraged to sing & dance along, which Liam did with enthusiasm. In addition to the singing & the dancing of the four members of The Wiggles themselves, there were a bunch of acrobats/gymnasts known collectively as "the Wiggly dancers." They were on stage for most of the songs, dancing and doing some basic tumbling. Liam was especially impressed with the handstands they did. Each time someone did a handstand, he jumped out of his seat and put his hands on the ground, shouting "handstand!"

The concert was at 3:00, which is right in the middle of naptime. Liam made it through all but the last 3 songs before he crawled over our armrest and fell asleep on Mommy's lap. I woke him up for the "Hot Potato" finale, though. Couldn't let him miss "Hot Potato!" Besides, we were parked 5 blocks away, and no way were Delaney & I going to carry him that far!

The Wiggles come to town every summer, so I'm sure we'll be going back next year. Maybe we'll drag Daddy along...


  1. Dancing, hand stands and Hot Potato? Sounds like a perfect afternoon! Thanks for sharing the fun story :-)

  2. Glad Liam enjoyed it, also glad I was not in town :o)

  3. Haha...yeah, I'm not sure I could handle a Wiggles show. Did you top it off with a visit to Chuck E. Cheese? ACK! ;) Seriously, glad Liam enjoyed it so much!