Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Liam's saying these days

Liam's language skills continue to improve, and he's communicating much more effectively these days. Some recent sayings:

"Mama carry me." (As opposed to the previous request, "Mama carry you," which always disappointed me, since I never did get carried anywhere.)

"That's a BIG burger!" (In response to the giant burgers on the new Carl's Jr. billboards along the freeways. That'd be Hardees, to our midwestern peeps!)

"Martian raiders! With a big net!" (From his current bedtime favorite, Mars Needs Moms.)

"Daddy go! Mama go!" (A boy needs his privacy to squat by the side of the bed to do his business!)

"I was bad! I need a timeout!" (Let me tell ya, they really don't work when the kid is downright gleeful about getting them...)

"Milo said it." "Trixie did it." "The WonderPets said it." (He loves giving recaps of his favorite shows and books, either as we're going along, or just at random points throughout the day. Maybe in 20 years he'll be Eberts' latest partner!)

"It's okay!" (Said in his most soothing tone, usually followed by "Mama's crying." Not that Mama actually was crying, but this is what he wants me to do so that he can console me.)

"I wanna hold the banana thing." "I wanna hold the apple thing." "I wanna hold the celery thing." (He wanted to hold every "thing" this morning while we were in Trader Joe's)

"We look stylie!" (Everyone was wearing sunglasses and Liam found it to be very stylie!)


  1. I think it's so sweet that he wants to console you, even when you don't need it. Do you pretend to cry so that he can comfort you? Aww.