Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bam, Bam!

No, Liam hasn't turned into Emeril.

After bathtime, in what I suppose is the logical progression -- at least to Liam -- of the game where Mommy & Daddy munch on baby belly, Liam made the statement "Liam's drinking Mama!"

Mama's response: "What, you're a vampire, now?"

This was met by what we initially thought to be very enthusiastic shouts of "vampire, I'm a vampire!" Then all of a sudden, he reared back and punched Daddy as hard has he could, yelling "Bam! Bam!!!"

Turns out, Liam actually thought that he had finally learned the word for a guy whose favorite activity is hitting things: "Bampire!"

Makes perfect sense to me! Now I just have to figure out how to pitch it to HBO...


  1. Daddy started the post so we wouldn't forget about what Liam said but Mommy wrote the whole thing.

  2. BAMPIRE! How could that word not have already existed???? My Boo is a genius. Kind of a violent one, but hey.....

  3. Hmm...a combination of True Blood and Ultimate Fighting...brilliant! Make it happen! ;)

  4. Let me know if the kid needs a manager :o)

  5. Sounds kinda strange to say how proud I am of my perfect grandson since he's hitting his daddy, but BAMPIRE --- way to go, Liam!

    I love you