Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kissing on MY boy???

Anna kissed Liam at storytime on Tuesday. A few times. I knew that girl was trouble from the first minute I saw her...

I'll try to get pictures next week, didn't have the camera with me Tuesday.


  1. If she breaks his heart, she's going to have plenty of people to answer to!

  2. I think the heart breaking will be in reverse.

  3. She used to just hug him (and knock him down while playing Ring around the Rosie).

    Here's the link to an older video of Liam trying to dance with Anna before she knocked him down. Notice how he pulls her arm away afterwards.

  4. Anna's a cutie-patootie, but she had better watch it around my Boo.

    Speaking of kisses, I HAVE NOT SEEN MY NEPHEW IN TWO WEEKS. What is up with that, parental units?????

  5. Wrong of her! He's Grammie's boy to hug and kiss n constantly!